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This is the official Website of Probus Parish Council which has been designed and constructed to provide what we hope will be a valuable resource of information to all residents of the village.

A vehicle to find out more about what is happening within the Council and the wider Probus community.

We wish for the site to be proactive as possible and to be a two-way channel of advice assistance and information between its residents and the Parish Council.

Annual Parish Meeting 2023

All residents were invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday, the 30th of May 2023 in Probus Village Hall at 7pm. This was an opportunity to engage in the future development of Probus, learn about completed and forthcoming projects, ask questions and exchange ideas. Several residents attended the meeting along with representatives from local community groups.  We heard annual reports from the community groups and the Parish Council.  Plans and. goals for the year ahead were shared and discussed along with a number of other issues raised by residents at the meeting.

For further information on the work of the council, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07749 626021 or clerk@probusparishcouncil.gov.uk


Parish Councillor - Vacancy

The Parish Council is seeking nominations/applications for Councillors to fill vacancies. 
 Would you like to support & help your local community by becoming a Parish Councillor?

Do you have a few hours you could spare each month for a voluntary role with a lot of satisfaction to be gained from helping run local services for local people and supporting the community?

If you are interested in joining a diverse, eleven-person team looking after the Parish, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact the Parish Clerk on 07749 626021 or Cllr Nicholas Gillard (Chairman) on 07763 519044  


Bullying & Harassment Statement

Your parish council treats everyone with courtesy and respect and asks for the same in return.

We ask that you treat your councillors and council staff courteously without violence, abuse or harassment. Parish councillors and council staff have the right to carry out their civic duties and work without fear of being attacked or abused.

Any behaviour whether that be verbal, physical or in writing, which causes either councillors or council staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or threatened, is totally unacceptable. The zero-tolerance policy includes abuse, aggression or threats made in person, over the telephone or in written communication, including on social media.

The parish council considers threatening behaviour to be:

· Attempted or actual aggressive, or physical actions made towards any councillor or member of staff.

· The use of aggressive, or abusive language, (including raising of the voice, swearing, shouting or in writing) which threatens or intimidates councillors or council staff


Published: 10 Jan 24

We have received multiple reports about plastic bottles being left at the cemetery, both on and near the graves. Visitors and bereaved families are understandably upset when they find plastic bottles or other rubbish on the graves. We expect the place to be used respectfully, and we kindly request that any loose items, other than flowers, be taken away or disposed of in the bins provided for this purpose. Read More...

Cold weather warning

Cold weather warning

Published: 9 Jan 24

A cold weather alert for Cornwall has been put in place from 9am on Saturday, January 6, to 12pm on Friday, January 12. Cold weather can have serious consequences for health, so please look out for others as temperatures drop. Read More...

Wildanet street works UPDATE

Published: 17 Oct 23

he following position statement has been issued byJustin Clark, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO of Wildanet Read More...

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