Job Vacancy

Published: 08 March 2021

A vacancy for a part time Weed Controller/Gardener now exists within the parish.

Their key duties will be:-

1. To remove weeds manually following a designated route through Probus on a four-weekly cycle throughout March to October.

2. To use such times when weeds are temporarily under control to improve the two Jubilee garden areas at the top of Truck Hill and the end of St Austell Road and make them more attractive.

3. To engage with the local community, using resources such as social media and the village magazine, to ensure residents are aware of their work and are able to participate with weed control and gardening where possible.

It is envisaged that 3 hours per week, taken flexibly, should be sufficient to achieve sufficient weed control and an acceptable level of gardening at the two sites. This will be kept under review throughout the first season.

The rate of pay will start at £10.70 per hour.

Applicants should send their CV to Amanda Kendall, Parish Clerk, Foxleigh, Treviglas Lane, Probus or email CV to