Welcome to the  Probus Parish Council website.

This is the official Website of Probus Parish Council which has been designed and constructed to provide what we hope will be a valuable resource of information to all residents of the village.

A vehicle to find out more about what is happening within the Council and the wider Probus community.      
We wish for the site to be proactive as possible and to be a two way channel of advice assistance and information between its residents and the Parish Council.  

The Parish Council currently has a Casual Vacancy to apply please contact the Clerk.

Play Area closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus.



 If you know of any local residents who need support, or if there are any local issues related to the COVID-19 response, please let the Parish Council know. We will forward the information through to the Community Link Officer, who will be best placed to organise a response from the relevant team at Cornwall Council and associated partner organisations.

To pass information on, please contact:

Parish Clerk Amanda Kendall – 01726 883614 or probuspc@gmail.com


Further guidance & instructions on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) were published by the govt on  11th May

Details of what we can & can’t, including access to public spaces / outdoor activities / exercise were set out and came into force from yesterday 13th May. Details can be can be found here :


The main focus is on continuing to practice “social distancing” whilst being able to access some facilities.
The new measures have resulted in us making two changes to the arrangements that were in place.
The mixed use games area (MUGA) is now open as a sports court – the guidance make it plain that it should only be used by a maximum of 2 people whilst practising social distancing.
The Parish Cemetery is accessible with “social distancing”
In the meantime there is no change to the following:
The village hall remains available for use 2x per week by the post office service and for blood donor sessions.
The public toilets remain open and serviced daily.
The play area and skate ramp need to remain closed.
The playing field (which is not­ a dog walking area) remains open, and “social distancing” continue to apply.


A number of changes to the way things work in the Parish along with new ideas and initiatives have been put in place during this extended period of “stay at home – protect the NHS – save lives”
The Parish Council would like to hear from residents about their view on which of the changes, or any new ideas about what might be developed and continued in the Parish as we go through the process of re-turning to normal. It would be good to think that we could have a “new normal” which includes some improvements on how things used to be.
Please contact any of your parish councillors or the clerk if you have any suggestions.