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Cornwall Council

Published: 12 Aug 22

The Parish Council have sent a letter to Cllr Ollie Monk the Cornwall Council Portfolio Holder for Housing about the Wainhomes development on the land North of Parkengear questioning the process and changes to this scheme. Please contact the Parish Council Clerk should you wish to see a copy of this document. You can email clerk@probusparishcouncil.gov.uk or phone 07749 626021. Read More...

Household Support Fund

Published: 8 Aug 22

Information Classification: CONTROLLED Dear Members I would like to update you on the Household Support Fund (HSF) which, as you know, forms an important part of the support we can provide to residents who are struggling with the soaring cost of living. More than £650,000 of the £4.5 million that was made available to Cornwall by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has already been spent, and more continues to be allocated. This money has gone to both internal Council departments and external partner organisations to support residents previously identified as vulnerable or in need of support. It includes the likes of Community Energy Plus, Disability Cornwall and Volunteer Cornwall. As you will be aware, the Council is also offering a one-off HSF payment of £80 per child to families with children who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals. This equates to around 15,500 children and £1.2 million. They can claim the money by filling in a short form on the Council’s website The application will be checked and those eligible will receive an email with a code that they can use to redeem the £80-per-child cash payment at any Post Office. Our team has worked incredibly hard to get this system up and running and I am pleased to say that the first instalments of these Cost of Living payments began on Wednesday, July 27. The payments are being staggered to ensure that Post Offices are not overwhelmed and have the money available to make the payments. This means that some will receive the payments before others but it will be as short a gap as possible. Besides this, the Council is offering a one-off HSF payment of £100 to around 15,500 pensioners identified as having low incomes. This equates to around £1.55 million. I am delighted to say that these payments will start to be made this week. For those who have previously given bank details to the council (e.g. for the purpose of a council tax rebate) the payment will be paid directly into that account. The remainder will receive a letter from the Council with a bar code that they can use at any Post Office to redeem the £100 payment. Communications have gone out, and will continue to go out, reminding those eligible to claim the HSF payments. Further communications are also planned to reassure those eligible pensioners that the letter and offer of money are genuine, and not a scam. A full breakdown of HSF allocations can be found on the Council’s website. As always, your support in helping us to get these important messages out to our residents and communities is much appreciated. To support residents with the cost of living, you can direct them to the Support for residents struggling with the cost of living - Cornwall Council webpage. Those without internet access can contact our call centre on 0300 1234 101. For further information on the Government Cost of Living payments go to Cost of Living Payment - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Kind regards Barbara Cllr Barbara Ellenbroek Redruth South Cabinet Member for Children and Families Learning and Skills 07488280455 01209 314422 Read More...

Shared Prosperity Fund

Published: 8 Aug 22

We are asking applicant organisations interested in accessing SPF to firstly fill in a very simple one-page enquiry form on the website: Contact - Shared Prosperity Fund (ciosgoodgrowth.com). The enquiry form is a mandatory step that all potential applicants need to go through for each individual project they are seeking funding for. Once the Good Growth team receives this enquiry form there will be support and advice to make sure that each enquiry is directed to the right part of the programme. The open invitations to bid are only one part of the SPF programme and there will be funding opportunities for different types and sizes of application. There are seven funding categories now open for projects to come forwards in this first round of funding: • Strategic Business, Enterprise and Research and Development Infrastructure (£18.7m) – site-specific funding to accelerate workspace and infrastructure projects that will enable business growth. • Town, Rural and Coastal High Street Development and Skills Programme (£4.4m) – funding for businesses, property owners (public/private/third sector), developers and skills providers in towns, rural and coastal communities and on the Isles of Scilly to regenerate high streets and neighbourhood shopping areas. • Cultural Events and Talent Programme (£4.4m) – activities to engage communities, promote growth and wider participation and create sustainable jobs by generating more year-round, permanent, higher paid employment by using our cultural product to reduce the seasonal nature of the tourist sector. • Culture / Heritage-led Regeneration and Skills (£10.82m) – investment in the creative economy, cultural institutions and heritage buildings and assets that regenerate places and communities, drives pride in place and supports development of skills, sustainability and social mobility • Community Skills Hubs (£5.198m) – using existing community and education buildings to promote and deliver skills and training and skills opportunities. • Community Connectivity and Digital Inclusion (£1.5m) – projects which improve digital connectivity, digital inclusion and skills. • Multiply numeracy programme (£0.496) – promoting opportunities to support adult numeracy This is the first opportunity to secure SPF funding from the three-year programme which is funded by UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Further funding opportunities and support programmes will be launched in the autumn including support for communities to develop solutions to address their levelling up needs and a Community Levelling Programme to deliver projects to drive good growth. Projects that are received in response to any of the open invitations to bid prior to the 2nd September will be considered at the first Economic Prosperity Board meeting in October 2022. All funding decisions will be based on how projects deliver against the Good Growth ambitions set out in the CIoS SPF Good Growth Investment Plan. If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team via the Goodgrowth@cornwall.gov.uk, but please use the enquiry form as a first port of call if you are putting forward a project idea for consideration. Read More...